Pewter Gremlin Bell 1st try

By Skywurz |
So this is my first crack at pewter casting and i decided to try something really really hard.. a bell. yes bells are harder to make than they seem like they should be. I made a bell in cad and 3d printed it. i made a false bell out of plaster and put it all in sand. I cut up a old pewter mug and tossed it in the forge.

2017 Ducati SuperSport Throttlemeister

By Skywurz |
So I got a second hand Throttlemeister off of the little e big B for a good price because it was involved in a tip over. It was supposedly off of a Multistrada 1200. I looked it over and thought it would fit the SuperSport so i ordered it.

Once i got it in it was immediately obvious that it was not, I guess my research was off.

So instead of just a paint job i now needed to find a way to mount this. I got to work with bits i had around.

Plugging A Tire With a Mushroom Tire Plug

By Skywurz |
So if you are just tuning in things started in this thread where i found that most places wont patch tires. I went with a plug option but have had issues in the past with old school string plugs eventually drying and falling out. This was mostly on ATVs but this would be catastrophic and possibly deadly on a sports bike. I found a type of plug that has been around for awhile but i had never seen before.

2017 Ducati SuperSport Loose Mirror Glass Fix

By Skywurz |
As some of you may know or have experienced some of our mirrors are really terrible. We have a thread that is over a year old and many many pages long with people detailing out issues and new mirror versions and so on. This fix below is for fixing your mirror if it is loose in the housing. some of you are like jeeze thanks what are you talking about exactly. Well lets go to your mirror and tap on it a little. Does the glass kinda move around more than it should? Kinda like its loose from what ever its mounted to in the back? This fix will probably help.