The Saltwater Aquarium (The RODI and Saltwater Mixing Station)

So while I was sitting waiting for my tank to cycle I kept reading about RODI systems and how they help from adding elements to the water that I may not want building up over time. I was also getting kinda sick of mixing in water conditioner and hoping for the best . I was looking at the space required and the cost of setting up such a system and was not really digging it. However i happen across a great deal on a mixing station and RODI system. It is fairly compact and works great. It saves me so much time vs mixing out 5 galons at a time. or even the 20 gallon totes.

The Saltwater Aquarium (Introduction Thread)

So a long time ago my wife had purchased the wrong substrate for her fish tank. It turned out to be live sand for saltwater aquariums. I said put it aside maybe I will some day have my own fish tank and that will help. Well years and years went by and sombody had mentioned the tank size for our Boa seemed small. So we looked at upgrading his tank to a larger size. Once we did that we suddenly had a 55 gallon tank laying around and suddenly this bag of sand turned up again. So with a little arm twisting i started looking into it.

Website Upgrade to Drupal 9

Well.. I finally decided to upgrade from Drupal 7. I really did not see the need to drag along a bunch of old baggage that was mostly abandoned so I did a fresh install and moved content... The only issue with this has been time stamps are now jacked... I removed a bunch of things like the 3d object viewer and the embedded IRC client.... Im sure nobody will notice... they never do *marvin the paranoid android* 

Motorcycle Tracker

I have been getting a lot of interest from people when i tell them i built my own motorcycle tracker and website to support it. Unfortunately its not something that is easy to demo without giving people the keys to see all sorts of stuff. What i finally did was make a demo version with data from a demo ride.

I 3D Printed the enclosures for the electronics.