The Fiero Prologue

Im going to start off by saying that most of this was written in an email to a fellow Fiero enthusiast giving my background in Fieros. I have told this story a few times now and figure ill just toss it up as I do not have any Fiero stuff on the site as of this post. This is due to the Fiero project coming and being put into mothballs before the site.   

Free-FR800 - 1998 Honda VFR800FI Interceptor - Intro

So this story begins with me being at home looking for things to go do outside of the house because of COVID. I was browsing free stuff on letgo when suddenly a motorcycle showed up. Now typically this is not something that grabs my attention, but this one was different. I used to have a 1999 VFR800 but sold it back in 2011. Here are some photos.  

The Saltwater Aquarium (The RODI and Saltwater Mixing Station)

So while I was sitting waiting for my tank to cycle I kept reading about RODI systems and how they help from adding elements to the water that I may not want building up over time. I was also getting kinda sick of mixing in water conditioner and hoping for the best . I was looking at the space required and the cost of setting up such a system and was not really digging it. However i happen across a great deal on a mixing station and RODI system. It is fairly compact and works great. It saves me so much time vs mixing out 5 galons at a time. or even the 20 gallon totes.