How To Post:

Log-in to your account Click Add Content Add a Title that describes your object. Fill out Tags that describe your post delimiting with commas IE: Project,Part,Printer Upload images of your object. (Sorry you will need to take a picture of an object you printed or a screen shot from a program) Upload the files for your object Add a Description please add any instructions or print settings that you wish. SAVE!! (Remember to Save and that clicking save you agree to TOS and the Rules Of Posting) Done!!

Rules of Posting:

Please only post things that you created or where involved in creating. Do Not Post/Upload/Link anything; Offensive, Discriminative, or Pornographic. lets keep it clean and family friendly.

Rules of Downloading:

Please respect and pay attention to the licensing described for each item in their posts. If there is something posted that you do not agree with do not download it. Please issue caution when clinking on linked content we do not control linked content and can not be responsible for there safety. If you find something that you feels breaks the rules of posting please let us know at Download and Print at your own risk. If the content you download causes Injury, Stroke, Seizor, Death, Fire, Flood, Storm, Earthquake, Apocalypse, or the Wrath of God, we are not responsible. Any Questions Please contact me or Skywurz in #Reprap Please see Terms Of Service