By Skywurz |

Finally having the 1098 in my garage I could now take all of the speculation that i had been building up over the 2 weeks waiting for it to be delivered to rest.

The first thing i did was hook up a battery and fix the fuel leak. Luckily for me the leak was just a loose quick disconnect. I checked the oil levels and fired it up. It indeed ran after a hard time but not well and would stall if i tried to get it to spin the rear. The open dry clutch on the side was spinning and terrifying on top of loud as hell. I started going over other bits.
The next thing i did was pull the front wheel to see how bent it was. I was frightened to see that i was missing things like spacers. Also the axle was very stuck and this was not a good sign.

The wheel was indeed bent. Very very bent.
I noticed some more bits missing.

Yes that is the front spark plug hole and there is no coil. No wonder it did not run well. I put together a list of parts and got to work racking up some debt.