By Skywurz |
As some of you may know or have experienced some of our mirrors are really terrible. We have a thread that is over a year old and many many pages long with people detailing out issues and new mirror versions and so on. This fix below is for fixing your mirror if it is loose in the housing. some of you are like jeeze thanks what are you talking about exactly. Well lets go to your mirror and tap on it a little. Does the glass kinda move around more than it should? Kinda like its loose from what ever its mounted to in the back? This fix will probably help. DISCLAIMER: WARNING You can totally mess up your mirror and it will no longer be usable. You will have to buy a whole new mirror housing as individual parts are not sold. I am not responsible for you messing up your stuff! I am simply describing what I did to fix my mirrors. I can not attest to the longevity of the fix results my vary.

Rubbing Alcohol
Sponge Window Seal 3/8"H x 3/4"W "9.5mm x 19mm" (any thicker and the mirror may not snap back into place)

Transmission Hook

Step 1: Push/Pull your mirror so the side furthest from the bike is popping out so that you can see behind the mirror.

Step 2: Look for the clips that hold the mirror to the housing.

Step 3: Put your fingers between the mirror and the housing and provide a little pressure.

Step 4: Loop your hook around the clips that you can access that you identified in step 2 and get them un-clipped (Be Careful!! Do not break your clips!) Once you get 3 clips loose you should be able to work your mirror loose and out of the housing. (Be Careful!! Do not break your clips!)

Step 5: Once you get the mirror out of the housing lay it mirror side down on a flat soft surface.

Step 6: Clean the center of the back of the mirror glass with rubbing alcohol.

Step 7: Apply the Sponge Foam to the back of the Mirror

Make sure if you are laying it out like an X to line it up with the pins the connector in the housing has the most contact area with the pins.

Step 8: Make sure the screw in the housing is tight

Step 9: Snap mirror back into housing

Step 10: Profit!!

After applying this fix my mirrors are much closer to acting like standard mirrors on any sports bike. The Left side is more shaky than the Right but just cruising at 55mph in 6th my Right side is clear and not shaking at all. I am able to identify makes of cars behind and to the sides of me where before i could only see a vehicle like shape.