By Skywurz |

So this story begins with me being at home looking for things to go do outside of the house because of COVID. I was browsing free stuff on letgo when suddenly a motorcycle showed up. Now typically this is not something that grabs my attention, but this one was different. I used to have a 1999 VFR800 but sold it back in 2011. Here are some photos.  

Now this bike is kinda what got me hooked on single sided swing arms and sports touring bikes. A lot of people regard this as the best sports touring bike ever. In fact this is also why when I started riding again I got a 2014 Interceptor. (see post about wrecking said interceptor)

So needless to say seeing this bike for free was quite interesting. I read the post and the guy had the pink slip and 2 bins of parts and said he had all of the parts it just needed to be put back together. I contacted him and inquired about the tank and the plastics. Turns out no tank or plastics (so not everything to get it running) But i decided what the heck lets go get it worst case I have to part it out.  

Now that I have this home I start an inventory of what parts are missing and trying to scope out the project.