So im going to build a reef-pi system to do automation on this tank. It will be able to act as a timer and an ATO ( Automatic Top Off) This will hopefully help cut down on the amount of time i have to spend on upkeep.

I wire these outlets to the relays. I did this before with a reptile control system i built on arduino. 


I build out an ATO reservoir to hold clean water to replace what evaporates from the tank.  I add a float so i can get notified when it is low. 


I also got a Seneye reef. I hooked it to my reef-pi and forward the usb virtually to a windows box where it can send all of its data to the fat client. After that i pull the data from Reef Pi and Seneye into my HomeAssistant home automation system. 


This now lets me control temperatures, water level, timers, as well as send me alerts when various things are happening.