By Skywurz |

I know, I know... I am way way over due for this final post. Once I got things going there just did not seem like much to post about or any interesting photos. but i will just knock this last post of this project out because.... I got a new one to talk about.


Anyway when we last left off i had gotten my cowls back on. 

I decided that it was close enough to get my brake and lamp inspection done. after calling around i found a place to do it. Later on i would have both DMV and CHP say "OMG where is this place finally a place we can send people"

Anyway I passed no issues.

So with the brake and lamp out of the way i was able to go talk to CHP and get them to inspect the bike i then was able to go to dmv and finish the paperwork.

I then decided since i was not going to do a traction control system or anything like that the least i could do is throw a slipper clutch in. I found a yoyodyne for a good price.


Now I can show both bikes together