Object Viewer Help


Should work in most browsers. IE WILL NOT WORK If you would like to donate the code to make IE work I will test an implement it.

File Types:

STL, & OBJ (note: binary STLs may not reflect proper color from the picker)

File Size:

Files over 25mb will most likely FAIL

File Uploading:

If you upload a file for viewing and it does not automatically load, you may need to click the load button after the page refreshes to load the file.
Note: Uploaded files are stored publicly until removed. Files are marked for deletion after 5min.

Object Viewing:

Some Urls do not work for one reason or another.
To View an Object
  • Enter The URL of the object you wish to view(If you uploaded a file this should be automatically entered for you once the page has refreshed)
  • Click the "Load Object" Button
  • The object should appear
  • You may change colors with the color change options on the left and right of the viewer. Click "select" pick a color, then Click "Set Color"
  • You can spin and zoom on the object by using your mouse. Click and hold on the object then drag to spin it. if you wish to zoom click on the "Zoom" button in the "Controls" menu at the Left of the viewer Click and hold on the object then drag to zoom.